From EYP sessions to Minerva

Andrii Kashyrskyi as Head-organiser of the Lviv Weekend of EYP Ukraine 2019
Anna Archakova at Dnipro RS 2019
Svitlana Midianko at Finland RS (2017)
Andrii at the Foundation Week: Class of 2023
Anastasiia Tokar at interning with DamoGO
Svitlana Midianko and Anastasiia Tokar in Seoul
Anastasiia Tokar at the Friends Thanksgiving 2019
Andrii Kashyrskyi at the Dnipro RS 2019
Anastasiia while Ternopil RS in 2018
Anna Archakova during the Dnipro EYP Day 2018
Anna, Andrii and their classmates from Minerva



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EYP Ukraine

EYP Ukraine

European Youth Parliament. NGO. Youth Empowerment.